10 Not-to-miss Features on the Product page of your B2C Ecommerce

10 Must-have Features for your B2C Ecommerce

1. Creating an Image:

2. Sticking By Industry Standards:

3. Creating beautiful Design Themes:

  • Making sure that wherever necessary, you mention the product measurements.
  • Close-up details should be documented, to give the consumer a better understanding of the look of the product.
  • Wherever possible and necessary, show your product on a mannequin or a model
  • Establish a theme for your pictures and then maintain consistency
  • Wherever needed show your product both open and closed
  • For a point of reference, you can represent the item in scale.
  • Make sure that you include an additional option of zooming in for any details that might be needed
  • For the consumer to get an idea of the product in the perfect manner, you need to shoot your product from different angles.

4. Elaborate Product Content:

5. Loud and Clear Call-to-Action:

6. Customer Ratings to Build Trust:

7. Ensuring That Your Page is Mobile-Optimized:

8. Suggesting Products By Understanding Consumer Behaviour:

9. Accessible and User-Friendly Customer Support:

10. Syncing Between Devices:

To Sum up:



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Kriti Aggarwal

Kriti Aggarwal

Kriti Aggarwal is an ecommerce industry expert with 9+ years of experience. She writes extensively about ways to grow existing and new ecommerce businesses.