10 E-commerce hacks to double your B2C conversions in 2020

Hacks to Boost B2C Ecommerce Conversions

It is no secret that online business is growing at a rapid pace and 2020 will be no different. It is the start of a new decade, new hopes, and new opportunities. Do you also want to skyrocket your E-commerce conversion rates to cope up with the drastic industry changes? Well, there are some simple tricks that can drive website traffic, optimize your conversions and generate more revenue. Be mindful about these 10 E-commerce hacks to double your conversions in 2020.

Calculation of An Online Store’s Conversion Rate

E-commerce Conversion Rate

However, if the same customer visits after the specified time, it will be counted as a second visit and recorded as a different session. For B2C businesses, the visit/session is an important indicator to understand the buyer intent because it includes the events of shopping and transaction. Every visit is an opportunity to convert them into sales.

A Good Conversion Rate

So, a good conversion rate for the website cannot be standardised for a specific B2C store or online industry as a whole. It is simply good when the online store is converting customers better than the last recorded conversion rate.

E-commerce hacks for your B2C conversions

1. Speed is the need of the hour

Did you know, an extra second in website loading speed can lead to a reduction of 7% in e-commerce conversions? Website speed is one of the most important factors for improving user experience and it directly impacts sales. Aim for a loading speed of less than 3 seconds as anything above this rate can harm your revenues. And at the same time, increasing the website loading speed to the ideal time can help you generate a massive conversion bump.

Of course, you cannot leave so much money on the table because of the slow speed of your online store. Investing in the right technology platform can help you get an optimized website along with lots of customer-friendly features and functionalities.

2. Invest in Secure Payments

Get your business a hassle-free payment gateway integration with StoreHippo. It helps your e-commerce business to sell more by offering multiple payment options to customers and increases your sales conversions.

3. Strategic use of exit-intent popups

4. Influencer Marketing

This tactic is a completely win-win situation for your store and, for the influencers who will partner up. The store will earn revenues and influencers will earn a commission every time a customer purchases through the affiliate link or code.

5. Omnichannel Presence

6. User-generated content

7. Buying pattern identification and customer personas

Look out for a platform that gives you one-stop e-commerce marketing solution and makes it easy to capture data, get data insights, analyse and create dynamic digital strategies.

8. A/B Test of Product Pages

After the optimisation process, you can test the changes on your B2C online store and work out the best plan for your growth.

9. Solution-oriented optimisation

For example, a well-renowned brand can market itself with the brand name like “Nike shoes on sale”. But if you are not renowned in the market, the search terms will never be your brand name but the question that seeks a solution to your customers’ problem.

Another important factor is the optimisation of transactional keywords on your B2C website like purchase, buy, order now, and alike. There users looking for these keywords are most likely to buy from your website because they are already at the bottom of the sales funnel.

10. Social Media Marketing & Proofs

Final Thoughts

The online business thrives or perishes and dies depending on your online store and the hacks that you implement to market your brand. Start growing your e-commerce conversion rate using the inbuilt tools offered by StoreHippo. Start your FREE trial NOW.

Kriti Aggarwal is an ecommerce industry expert with 9+ years of experience. She writes extensively about ways to grow existing and new ecommerce businesses.